Alcoholic Beverages

Gold-standard market and consumer intelligence  accelerating your innovation & renovation development

NIQ BASES partners with the industry’s leading distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to bring unrivaled data to inform your vital business decisions for alcoholic beverages. 

Combining omnichannel coverage, consumer insights, and in-market data, the depth of industry knowledge we put into innovation initiatives ensures results validated to in-market outcomes. 

Should you move into a new category? Which claims speak to consumers? Which BevAl ideas resonate most?

Explore whitespace and pin down your most viable ideas for new launches, identifying promising mixtures consumers will love.

What mix formulation will consumers love? Does the product match the concept? Is it prepared for launch?

Leverage AI-powered tools to develop an ideal sensory profile, then trial the product as a whole to concoct validated innovations ready for distribution.

Which visuals draw consumers’ eyes? What ads communicate benefits and brand best? Is premium pricing justified?

Activate your innovation across three pillars – packaging, ads, and assortment – to ensure best-possible in-market results.

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