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Concept Product Performance

Assess and improve the branded product performance without compromising on quality. Our product testing solutions allows consumers to interact with your new product in their homes and provides you with crucial insights into how it’s performing against expectations in as little as 15 days.

Developing an innovation, or renovating and existing product, to grow your business, is vital. NIQ data shows that great innovations leads to greater overall company growth than average performing innovations.

Yet, 48% of innovations fail to grow in Year 2, often due to the full mix of Product, Concept, Price, Pack and Promotion not working together to deliver its maximum potential.

For nearly 50 years, NIQ BASES has been assessing and elevating the performance of Concept with Products, identifying the full potential of the mix to provide superior forecasts, and enable our clients to build Marketing plans to fulfil the innovations promise.

And our forecasting approach is the only independently verified solution available, used by over 1,000 clients.

With a range of options to suite every budget, make sure your innovation, and renovation meets its potential, with NIQ BASES.

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