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Data quality
– always

Numbers are easy to come by, but can you really trust your research results?

R&D with our clients shows that compromising on ‘good enough’ data leads to incorrect results, bad decisions and wasted time and money.

Our respondent data is meticulously managed for reliability. Our predictive consumer models are calibrated to actual behavioral data, fueled by the mind-blowing 2.5T transactions NIQ handles each week.

The benefit to you is test-to-test reliability, results validated to in-market outcomes and guidance your business can truly rely on.


Anyone can run a test and generate numbers.

At NIQ BASES, we believe research should deliver actionable insights, elevating your innovation, renovation and activation to achieve superior in-market outcomes.

Our approach ensures you get the best return on your research investment and will never be left wondering “what now?”

Subject Matter

Our researchers are not generalists.

Working with NIQ BASES you can expect a domain expert on every project, benefiting from their extensive knowledge and experience in that space.

These subject matter experts ensure the insights you receive go beyond surface-level understanding and are not only accurate but truly actionable, giving you confidence to make clear recommendations to your stakeholders and decision-makers.

Configured to your

Not all initiatives are made equal, so we offer configurable solutions to right-size the research plan and match the initiative importance and budget.

From pre-designed options when you just need a quick answer, through to custom-designed solutions for the highest priority & investment projects, we will always provide guidance on the best approach.

Regardless of which route you take, our commitment to data quality and predictive models remains the same.

Proprietary &

To use survey research effectively requires accurate interpretation of consumer claims and how they will translate to real behavior.

This requires deep understanding of the dynamics influencing overstatement, modelling for them when constructing database norms and predictive models and controlling them study to study.

Only NIQ BASES has the data in-house to effectively model consumer responses to reflect actual in-market outcomes.

Our predictive accuracy and test-retest reliability has been validated both independently and by many decades-long client partnerships.

Industry leading

At NIQ BASES, the future of research is not just the latest headline-grabbing trend, it’s research that drives growth, with humans in the loop.

We have been using artificial intelligence since 2001 to enable our clients to innovate, renovate and activate better than the competition.

Of course, we’re not stopping there. Our R&D teams are readying the launch of the next generation of approaches, improving research efficiency and effectiveness, to elevate your success long into the future.

BASES AI: Past, Present, and Future

At NIQ BASES, we’ve been harnessing the power of AI in our solutions for over 20 years, applying the right models to deliver value and purpose for our clients. We are excited about the future of research and believe that AI and platforms, when used alongside human expertise, have the potential to revolutionize growth strategies. With many workstreams already underway, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of generative AI and Large Language Models across our toolkit and processes.

As we deliver innovative AI solutions with integrity, we prioritize:

Data Privacy: Your data will never be shared with open-source systems.

Intellectual Property Protection: Your ideas will never be shared with competitors.

Human-Centric Approach: We won’t substitute AI where you’ve paid for human expertise.

Partner with us to experience AI solutions that respect your privacy, protect your intellectual property, and deliver the insights you need for sustainable growth.

“System 1” research that drives growth

At NIQ BASES, “System 1” isn’t just a buzzword. Unlike others who rely on emojis or quick clicks, we utilize authentic implicit research tools to uncover insights that consumers are unaware of and thus unable to self-report. Our advanced techniques, including EEG, eye-tracking, and implicit reaction time tasks, reveal hidden consumer truths, helping you optimize positioning, advertising, packaging, and product experiences.

We complement these implicit tools with our comprehensive “System 2” methodologies, expertly combining both to deliver accurate and reliable results. With NIQ BASES neuro solutions, you can be confident that your strategies are driven by deep, data-backed insights for sustained growth.