BASES Innovation and Renovations Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Validated consumer response modelling and unrivalled predictive analytics support the launch of winning innovations & renovations

With a foundation in NIQ (& now GfK’s) century-long vault of consumer and market data, NIQ BASES maintains highly predictive performance by constantly adjusting our model based on observed, in-market data and automatically incorporating outcomes derived from both conscious and nonconscious decisions. This ‘closed loop’ approach allows us to continually bridge the consumer ‘say/do’ gap, map the true view of the market landscape and ensure your innovation & renovation success.

Where can you find growth opportunities? Are there any consumer unmet needs? What innovation ideas speak to consumers the most?

Find potential whitespace for your brand to grow and pinpoint your most promising CPG initiatives with predictive analytics, developing innovations that truly resonate with consumers.

Does the concept perform the job-to-be-done? Will your product match consumers’ expectation? Is it strong enough to survive?

Grow your portfolio and ROI with a high-performing product, developed with gold-standard data and industry-leading tech to  deliver above and beyond on promises.

What will your pack look like? What about your creative campaigns? How will you incorporate new launches into your assortment? What does the volume forecast look like? 

Maximize your return on innovation and right-size marketing investments across pack, ad, assortment and pricing. 

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