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New media measures and fragmenting budgets make it difficult to know what to prioritize. The justifiable enthusiasm around programmatic advertising and our ability to target with such precision may have made us lose sight of the power of the creative itself.

At NIQ BASES, we believe in science in the service of art. Our system of optimization builds a better ecosystem rooted in neuroscience. NIQ BASES optimized ads experience +20% lift in ad-driven sales. With a team of in-house PhD neuroscientists, a database of 10,000 ads globally, and rigorous sales validation across industries, you will drive brand growth like never before.

Are you looking for a reliable and validated agile tool that prioritizes ads without breaking the budget?

Ad Explorer offers online implicit and AI-powered ad testing, enabling compact, insight-led creative evaluation and prioritization.

Let Ad Explorer empower your team to make informed decisions and drive impactful campaigns.

Have you ever run an ad test and tried to fix it, without really understanding the solve? Only to then test again and to not see any improvement?

Ad360 requires no compromise: it measures the implicit and explicit response of your ad by combining cutting-edge neuroscience and a comprehensive survey.

Integrating what viewers can and cannot tell you offers a comprehensive view into what’s working and not. This optimization guidance is not just data, but trusted perspectives fueled by neuroscience veterans.

Once you are in production, you’ve made an investment in your creative idea and it needs to deliver in market.

Ensure your big idea and communication strategy sets a strong foundation from the start with Communication Strategy Optimizer.

Discover what to say (and what not to) and why. Identify which big ideas best fit your brand, build distinctiveness and mental availability, and what can be optimized.

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