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Evaluate your potential innovations and renovations through choice-based methodologies to maximize appeal and volume potential. Understand consumer trade-offs and competition dynamics to drive success. Discover new routes to growth and optimize your portfolio effectively.

With our forward-looking simulations and simple refresh options, you’ll always be ahead of the curve. From feature-benefit conjoint studies through to complex price-pack architecture initiatives, NIQ BASES will elevate your success by identifying growth opportunities that maximize profits.

Simplify your idea evaluation process with Variety Rand & Sort, surpassing traditional methods like MaxDiff/TURF.

Gain in-depth insights into what flavors, scents, colors, and more drive maximum appeal and volume potential.

Empower your strategy with precision and confidence using VRS.

Ready to elevate your innovation game? Try VRS today and unlock your full potential.

Evaluate your innovations with precision, considering consumer trade-offs and competitive dynamics.

Whether you’re expanding a line, managing multiple brands, or finalizing pricing and sizing, we provide tailored insights.

Understand where growth is coming from and uncover new routes to success.

Optimize your portfolio for maximum impact, reallocating resources and refining pricing strategies.

Make informed decisions and drive growth. Get started with Line & Price Optimizer today.

Benefit from our In-Market Data, grounding your study in the real-world for accurate insights.

Utilize our Simulator for flexibility post-project delivery, empowering you to evaluate many routes and reactions.

With Refresh Capability, stay ahead of the curve by testing your latest ideas or competitive threats.

Benefit from your BASES Learning Plan, ensuring seamless integration into your innovation story.

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