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BASES Innovation Intelligence

Innovation Measurement

Benchmark your innovations & proactively manage performance

How do I keep a pulse on competitors’ launches?

What is my share of innovation dollars on the market?

How do we accurately benchmark our product launches against items in the market?

What are new product attributes growing in the marketplace?

Where are high potential white spaces to plan penetration?

Which brands are high potential acquisitions?

What are macro trends affecting our brand(s)?

Which competitors should we focus on most?

How can we use volumetrics to benchmark innovations?

How can we quickly find new items that retailers inquire about?

How can we create a compelling sales story for a new product launch?

How can we best demonstrate category knowledge to our retailers?

How do I keep a pulse on innovation launch opportunities?​

Where should we expand our P/L brands?​

How do we accurately demonstrate to our merchants performance of P/L brands vs rest of market?​

Are we getting fair share of innovation launches?​

How are innovations performing differently in rest of market?​

How do we accurately track launches against items in the rest of market?​

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