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Idea, Concept & Claims Testing

Choosing the right idea and concept testing partner can be overwhelming. While DIY approaches appear to be time and cost-effective, they often result in superficial insights that lack depth and reliability and numerous rounds of re-work.

NIQ BASES research insights are built from best-in-class sample data coupled with validated predictive models directly linked to market outcomes. This relentless focus on delivering high-quality predictive insights ensures our client partners have the accurate answers they need, first time, to ensure their in-market success.

Identifying whether an idea is worth pursuing presents a formidable challenge for businesses looking to innovate.

NIQ BASES offers reliable solutions for early-stage idea research. Leveraging AI, powerful databases, and expert consulting, businesses can swiftly extract valuable insights to refine their new big ideas.

With NIQ BASES, innovators can navigate data efficiently, make informed decisions confidently, and receive expert consulting to start to their innovation journey with a success advantage.

The constant pressure to bring new products to market quickly can clash with the time required for thorough research, development, and testing, forcing innovators to balance speed with quality and innovation.

NIQ BASES’ Concept testing solutions allows innovators to identify whether a new initiative is likely to succeed in-market, what role it will  play in their portfolio and how to optimize further to improve in-market potential.

NIQ BASES leverages predictive analytics which draws on 40+ years of experience testing 200,000+ initiatives globally powered by BASES database and an agile testing platform, ensuring you get robust insights when you need them.

Changing a brand or product offer marketers the chance to strengthen loyalty and appeal to new customers, but changes can also introduce risks to your business

With over 5,000 global restage studies, NIQ BASES holds deep expertise in understanding buyer flow and consumer response to established brands.  Leveraging this experience, we excel in helping our clients evaluate restage ideas and optimize their renovation initiatives.

Our track record speaks volumes: NIQ BASES has been directionally correct over 95% of the time, accurately predicting the impact of restages on business growth.

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