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NIQ clients discuss what drives them and how they maintain their competitive edge.

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Safe, Responsible, Sustainable

Learn how Cargill is making products that stand out in a congested market. We chat with Brian Tockman, Marketing and Insights Director, about category expertise, innovation, and how the company leverages data to adapt their product assortment and meet shifting consumer needs.

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NIQ SnapView

NIQ SnapView takes the Full View™ and zooms in, allowing you to explore micro insights about your targeted categories. These insights answer pertinent questions, guide strategic decision-making, and facilitate proactive responses to evolving market dynamics.

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Reel Paper​

Sustainable Bamboo Paper

We caught up with David VanHimbergen, CEO of Reel Paper, to talk about their sustainable bamboo products, product innovations, logistical challenges, and how they are using retail data to carve out for their unique brand offerings a niche in a challenging marketplace.

Whole Earth Brands​​

Quality, Taste, Impact

See how the house of brands at Whole Earth Brands hits on the theme of quality, taste, and impact. We chat with Mitchell Kruesi, Head of Marketing, about regenerative organic products, the new normal post-COVID, and how data helps them drive incremental growth.


Changing the Meat We Eat

We discuss “frozen” sales strategy and demand planning with Nichole Jacko, National Sales Strategy Manager at Applegate. Listen in to hear how her team is innovating the space, finding new ways to bring value to the category, and changing the narrative behind frozen meat.

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