Cerebelly has transformed their retailer strategy with Byzzer™.

The business challenge

Before partnering with NielsenIQ, Cerebelly faced significant challenges in understanding their market performance. Their primary issue was a reliance on limited data sources, primarily from retailers, which provided a narrow view of their sales performance without offering competitive insights. This created a substantial blind spot.

Cerebelly needed:

Comprehensive datasets

Sales performance data

Competitive insights

The data solution

Without visibility into how you stack up against the competition, you can’t make informed decisions to drive your business forward. Cerebelly is proof getting the Full View™ can take your business to the next level.

With Byzzer, Cerebelly gained access to detailed reports by brand and time frame and compared their performance against competitors.

“Our goal is to grow the overall baby category, not just to steal share. So having that strong grasp of category really ensures that we’re doing that.”

Jodie Wing, Chief Retail Sales Officer at Cerebelly

Need accurate category and competitive data? Don’t worry Byzzer™ has the solution!

Before access to Byzzer, Cerebelly was relying on retailer data to make their strategy, leaving them with significant blind spots. With Byzzer™, they got the tools they needed to get the Full View™.


Cerebelly uses NIQ data to segment performance by region to identify and address any anomalies or concerns.


They utilize brand-specific data and time frame analysis, particularly focusing on the Last 13-Week data to track their own performance as well as that of their competitors.


The insights from these reports have helped them prepare for strategic meetings, understand business dynamics, and report to their internal team, board, and investors.

Data plays a crucial role in Cerebelly’s retailer discussions.

Now, Cerebelly has the power of data backing their every move. They’re able to actively identify areas of growth and opportunities to convince retailers based on what they have learned from the Byzzer™ platform. With hard numbers from credible data sources like NIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement, Cerebelly is taking their brand to the next level and looking toward a strong future.

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