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NIQ’s retail analytics empower emerging brands to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately increase their chances of success in the competitive retail landscape. Our team of data experts will help you identify the right solution to answer the questions that will get you on the shelf and drive growth.

Get valuable insights into customer behavior and understand what items are driving sales, who your shopper is, and how they prefer to shop

Make informed decisions on inventory management and demand forecasting that will keep your products in stock and on the shelf
Track the performance metrics that will help you tell your brand story and drive your business strategy

How we can help you compete and win

Where to Play

  • How do I create an effective channel strategy?  ​
  • How do I win with winners and avoid margin dilution? ​
  • How should I allocate my investments and tactics by retailer?​
  • How should my pricing strategy change by retailer (EDLP, Hi-Lo etc.)?

How to Win

  • What price thresholds exist that could accelerate volume change?​
  • How do I manage critical gaps to competition?  ​
  • What promo forms (feat, dispTPR) and discount offers are most effective (multi-buy, single price point etc.)?  
  • How much emphasis should I put on promotional discount vs. frequency?  ​
  • What are the must-win weeks in the year?​

How to Invest

  • What happens to my volume and profit when costs of goods / list change?​
  • How can I categorize SKUs to drive mix improvement?​
  • How can I increase the profit pool through an effective price / promo strategy?​
  • How can I use price / promo strategy to combat profit impact due to COGs increase?

How Are Consumers Shopping Your Category?

NielsenIQ receives hundreds of monthly questions from emerging and growth brands looking for insights and data. To help you stay ahead of the game, we’ve put together an infographic on the most critical question that will help you get ahead in the new year.


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