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Maximize Your Digital Product Content Health Score on Walmart Puerto Rico with NIQ Brandbank

Introducing Walmart Puerto Rico’s Digital Content Program

Walmart Puerto Rico

Empower shoppers with accurate product information, comprehensive product insights, and engaging content

NIQ Brandbank has expanded its CCP program partnership in the US by further collaborating with Walmart Puerto Rico to strengthen digital content initiatives.​

Shape a superior shopper experience on Walmart Puerto Rico and enhance your operational efficiencies. Consistent high quality content is pivotal to ensuring our customers enjoy a best in class experience, ultimately driving sales. Our commitment to maintain a competitive advantage aligns with achieving a 95% content health score, reinforcing our strategy for excellence.​

Partner with NIQ Brandbank to further support your content optimization efforts on digital platforms. With a wealth of experience, NIQ Brandbank provides tools and services to assist the supplier community in enhancing their digital content for optimal performance.​

Benefits of Partnering with NIQ Brandbank

Maximize Brand Visibility

Showcase your products with high-quality images, including lifestyle shots and mobile-optimized versions, to capture shopper attention and increase product appeal.

Enhance Product Information

Provide complete product pack information, feature bullets, and compelling “why buys” to build shopper confidence and inform purchase decisions.

Accelerate Content Delivery

Experience industry-leading turnaround times with lightning-fast content delivery to the Walmart Puerto Rico eCommerce platform.

Ensure Content Consistency

Maintain consistency across your entire assortment with seamless integration onto guaranteeing that your products are always presented in the best possible light.

Unmatched Content Expertise

Leverage NIQ Brandbank’s extensive experience in digital product content management to optimize your content for maximum performance and ensure that Walmart PRs minimum content standards are met.

Comprehensive Content Management Support

Receive comprehensive content management support for all your Walmart needs in both the US and Puerto Rico.

Core Content that Enhances the Shopper Experience

Seamlessly integrate digital content and information to Walmart Puerto Rico’s standards and enhance the overall shopper experience.

Complete Product Imagery

Captures Marketing Copy, Product Name, Ingredients List, and Nutrition Fact Panel

Impactful Core Content

Features Details, Benefits, Highlights, Ingredients, and Supplemental Content

Enabling our clients to deliver the best shopping experience by making consumer goods more discoverable and engaging.

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NIQ Brandbank

Walmart Connected Content Partner

NIQ Brandbank has been a proud partner in the Walmart Connected Content Partner Program for over 5 years. Our seamless integration into Walmart’s platform ensures a streamlined experience for our national and local CPG customers. As the exclusive and trusted partner for their private label content, we’re more than just a content provider — we’re your ally in delivering rich and accurate product content, enhancing visibility, and driving success in the competitive online retail landscape on the Walmart platform.​

Walmart Puerto Rico

Since their arrival in Puerto Rico in 1992, Walmart has demonstrated a firm commitment to the well-being of the island, promoting and contributing to its socioeconomic development. In addition to offering low prices to help Puerto-Rican families save more and live better, Walmart works diligently to support the strengthening of local entrepreneurs, provide decent employment, opportunities for professional growth to their associates, and contribute to the well-being of communities.