NielsenIQ Media & AdTech Data Solutions

Our suite of global retail measurement and consumer purchase data provides companies with a complete picture of audience behavior and spending patterns.

Discover the power of data to enhance your Media and Adtech solutions into the cookie-less world.

What is Media & AdTech?
What is Media & AdTech?

The data you’ve been searching for

The most complete view of the consumer journey, tracking where products are sold, and uncovering the why behind the buy.

Our globally trusted point of sale (POS & ePOS) data, panel data, and product attribute data provide the accuracy and granularity needed in the Media and AdTech industry to power new audience measurement and insight solutions for your clients.

What makes us different
What makes us different

Our data has led the way for the past +100 years in the FMCG & retail industry. Now we’re bringing our end-to-end global retail measurement and consumer data solutions to the Media and AdTech industry.

NIQ is the only one in the industry that provides data on a global scale. While others struggle with data depth, granularity and precision are our specialties.

Your media data together with NIQ’s world-class insights will enhance your Audience. Measurement, Insights, and Retail Media Solutions in a compliant, safe, and privacy-first future.

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Uncover the impact and effectiveness of advertising on sales and consumer behavior, plus understand the levers you can pull to optimize campaigns and create business outcomes.

Audience Behavior Data

Use NIQ Opt-in panel data to create Seed Audiences and Audience Segments for media campaigns based on in-store and online consumer purchase behavior, underpinned by who, what & where at a disaggregated level.

Retail Measurement Data

NIQ’s trusted Point of Sale (POS & ePOS) data, available in 90+  countries are the gold standard retail market measurement. Transaction data direct from Retailers, markets, Departments, Categories, Sub-Category to a UPC level, proprietary coded for a total FMCG sales read.  

Product Content Data

Access thousands of product attributes – built based on on-pack attribution as well as derived attribution allowing for more granular Audience Segments, Media Targeting, and Sponsored Retail Search.  

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