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My _____ Story is a podcast that celebrates diversity and inclusion. It gives NielsenIQ associates a safe space to open up and tell their stories. By sharing them with you, we can create a culture where open dialogue is encouraged and associates are empowered to discuss important topics in a transparent, courageous manner. ​

Latest Episode
Latest Episode

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Join hosts James and Myriam as they sit down with guests Magda Markowska and Marie Pope to hear their stories about how self-acceptance and being their authentic selves has brought joy to their lives.

D&I Podcast
D&I Podcast

A safe place to be​

When we share our stories, we’re sharing more than our experiences, we’re sharing the events that shaped us, that challenged us, that gave us room to grow. We open doors for others to connect with us and see themselves in our similarities. What separates us is also what can bring us together. ​

Our Hosts
Our Hosts

Myriam Vidalon

Myriam is NIQ’s Chief Diversity, Talent and Culture officer and works to embed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into every aspect of the employee experience and talent lifecycle. Myriam’s contributions include the design of NielsenIQ’s global nERG program, the creation of the company’s flexible future workplace strategy, and the redesign of an inclusive performance management process. She also actively participated in the design and execution of the NielsenIQ University program and the overall cultural roadmap of the company – embedding our values & behaviors and employee engagement strategy. ​

Starting NielsenIQ’s Home Truth Series, a collection of firsthand accounts from employees to empower, educate and engage through storytelling, is one of the most transformative experiences of her life at NielsenIQ. The wisdom and inspiration that comes from listening to NielsenIQ colleagues around the globe has infused the DEI agenda with passion. The D&I podcast, designed and built by NielsenIQ volunteers, is a foundational component of the Home Truth Series and a gem that now will be shared with anyone who “clicks” on the play button in NIQ company’s webpage.

James Anderson​

After a decade as an actor-about-town and another decade spent working as a civil servant, James returned to school and restarted his adult life as a marketing intern. Since minting his business credentials, he has worked in sales for property management and digital marketing in the travel industry. He is thrilled to have finally found a professional home at NielsenIQ as a CPG Senior Analyst, and to have joined the “pod people” on the My _____ Story podcast. In his spare time, he can be heard belting out show tunes and/or hunkering down with Julia Child and braising his way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking. ​


Episode 1​

Join hosts James and Myriam as they sit down with guests Angel Diaz Ospina and Terrance Bacchus to hear their stories about how their resilience has helped pave the way for others.​

Episode 2

Join our hosts Funda Kalemci & James as they discuss the topic of resilience in the face of childhood adversity with guests Adina Negut and Ariane Pereira.

Episode 3

Join hosts James and Myriam as they sit down with guests Magda Markowska and Marie Pope to hear their stories about how self-acceptance and being their true selves has brought joy to their lives.

Bonus Episode 1​

Join hosts Laura Batien and James Anderson as they take over for a special bonus episode. This season’s theme of resilience continues with guest Jessica Arledge as we discuss the important topics of mental health and suicide.​

Bonus Episode 2​

Join hosts James Anderson and Funda Kalemci as they take over for a special bonus episode. This season’s theme of resilience continues with guest Angie Arnold-Ott as she tells us how she rewrote her story.​

Meet the team
Meet the team


Passion drives us to reach for something bigger than ourselves and passion is the spark that started this podcast. My _____ Story is important and personal to each and every one of us and is an outlet for us to demonstrate our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at NielsenIQ.​

Laura Batien​

Project Lead​

Occasional Host

The weekly podcast calls are one of the highlights of my week! The passion that this team has is incredibly contagious!​

Funda Kalemci

D&I Sponsor

​Occasional Host

These are our stories, stories of passion, accomplishments, failures, love, resilience, joy… Stories as diverse as we are.​

Allie Smith


I love how open, authentic and inspiring the stories are – it feels great to be a part of a team that created a platform for them to shine. ​

Megan Bockrath


I love the podcast because I get to connect with individuals from across NielsenIQ.​

Jessica Arledge


I love the podcast because of the wonderful people that share the passion for diversity & inclusion.​

Christopher DeSarno


There are so many beautiful, inspirational stories out there to tell, and the podcast is a great reminder that everyone’s journey is unique and special.​

Emma Geltmaker


I continue to learn so much about D&I with every episode and every team meeting. It is amazing to see what can be created by a team that shares the same passion. ​

Jake Conlin

Voice over


In addition to loving our podcast team, I love using my audio production background to help share these incredible stories that empower and uplift!​

James Anderson



As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s meant a lot to me to be able to work openly (and safely!) with an international team of dedicated professionals who all share a passion to celebrate and encourage the diversity of our NielsenIQ family.​

Angie Arnold – Ott


The bravery and vulnerability in every guest’s story shines a light that connects and supports us all. Being part of this incredible podcast team who are so committed to bringing these stories to life is a joy.​

Dominique Brown

D&I Program Manger

The podcast is an opportunity to hear the authentic stories of colleagues from across the company. I’m grateful to be a part of a group that gets to help in sharing these stories.

Rachel Jilek


Grateful for the oppurtunity to learn from and hear the stories of NielsenIQ colleagues. So excited to be a part of this fantastic team!

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