How Serenity Kids convinced a key retailer to increase distribution

“Data is expensive – really expensive. Especially on a larger scale. We needed something to really provide a full picture of the entire category and not just the retailers that we were willing to buy. Byzzer ended up being so helpful, and we have made a lot of decisions based off of the data.”

Dane Diermeier, Sales Analyst, Serenity Kids

The business challenge

Preparing a data story to present during a category review meeting is a daunting task for any brand – but especially for smaller brands that historically do not have access to actionable and affordable data. A successful category review will:

Present unbiased data

Go deeper than sales data

Offer a category perspective

The data solution

Through the use of Byzzer’s CPG reports, Serenity Kids pulled together a data-based presentation that highlighted both successes and areas of opportunities, resulting in the key retailer agreeing to add +6 items to their assortment.

Their retailer was pleasantly surprised at the insights Serenity Kids shared – the retailer was not expecting such in-depth analysis from a small brand.

The data presented allowed the meeting to be an actual conversation where ideas and action plans were discussed.

By using Byzzer by NielsenIQ data to tell a data story, Serenity Kids’ key retailer agreed to expand distribution by +6 items.

You know your product has potential – now you can prove it.

Serenity Kids leveraged the Shopper Leakage Tree Report to not only quantify the revenue opportunity relating to conversion rates and identify leakage (the amount of money spent on a product by shoppers of a retailer outside of that retailer), but also present an action plan to the retailer. The leakage tree:


Shows how well a retailer is converting shoppers


Identifies consumer switching


Quantifies the opportunity of boosting conversions

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