Maximize Your Shelf Impact with Powerful Planogram Solutions

Our innovative software empowers retailers, manufacturers, and organizations across industries to harness the power of data-driven insights and make informed decisions about their space allocations, layout, and product placement

Over 2,000 clients in 79 countries use NIQ Space Management to maximize sales and profits

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Unlock Planogram success with the perfect shelf

A plug and play solution that maximizes sales and profits by improving product availability while optimizing range and inventory.

  • Revenue increases from 10% to 20% through reallocation of space and refined assortments that streamline store-stocking practices and improve in-stock position.
  • Margin improvements of 5% to 15% identifying higher margin items, ensuring their inclusion in the range, and providing the appropriate space allocation
  • Inventory reduction of 5% to 10% through the identification and removal of inefficient inventory
  • Increase your efficiency x3 by decreasing the time invested in regular tasks and in updating planograms
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Optimize Your Merchandising Workflow with Spaceman’s Comprehensive Space Management Solution

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Define Space Strategy

Develop a space strategy based on shopper behavior, to optimize product placement and store layout for maximum sales and improved shopping experience.


Make data-driven decisions

to increase productivity
Leverage a synchronized environment that integrates data to create the perfect shelf and automatically manage and update planograms, by simplifying the workflow and eliminating time-consuming tasks.


Leverage Automation

Efficiently generate and implement localized planograms with our “Smart placement algorithm”. With a simple User Interface, any user can build multiple optimized planograms adapted to each store specific situation.


Collaboration & Tracking

Digital environment to update and distribute planograms across stores, with real-time HQ-store communication for tracking and monitoring planogram performance and quality.

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Efficiency Unleashed: ​
How Planogram Automation is Transforming Retail​

Key Features
Key Features


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An intuitive user experience that simplifies the process of creating and implementing planograms


Flexible and customizable solutions that allow you to have everything you need in one place


Planogram automation to increase your efficiency, maximize revenue and minimize out of stocks without increasing your resources effort


Fosters collaboration and allows two-way communication between HQ and stores

Unleashing the Full Potential of Space Management

Revolutionizing the way businesses optimize their physical spaces