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NIQ Trade Dimensions

A robust and frequently updated database of on-premise and store location data that drives successful sales planning and execution for manufacturers and retailers in 40+ countries

Best-in-class integrated sales planning and execution solutions

With highly accurate store location data, you can integrate, and streamline data from multiple sources to make data-driven decisions for sales efficiency and profitability:

  • Prioritize markets, sales territories, routes, locations and stores
  • Plan distribution strategy and improve supply chain efficiency
  • Create and execute local activation and communication strategies
  • Benchmark against competitors’ actions across different markets and channels
  • As a retailer, identify new locations, evaluate current sites, and take relevant actions to increase store sales

Advanced and tech-enabled store location data and store matching solutions

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, you get reliable and consistent inputs powered by advanced Machine Learning methods and Artificial Intelligence to take targeted location and store-level actions. Identify new opportunities, optimize reach and drive sales efficiency.

Key features
Key features


Location DNA

Optimize your local activation strategies with data-driven insights on store characteristics.


Data you can trust, always up-to-date

Stay competitive in a continuously evolving marketplace and on track with acquisitions, emerging channels and store network changes.


Pioneering global integration

Leverage the power of consistent, global standard store location data, combining NIQ, client, and 3rd party data.


How can we help?

Leverage unmatched expertise in delivering consistent store location data across 40+ countries. Tell us your unique situation and needs, and we’ll work with you to find the “where” behind your sales, know the “what” and take targeted actions to win across markets and channels.