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Adriatics Shopper Trends Event 2023

June 7th 2023
09:30 am – 16:00 pm
Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade

Brace for making impact: Activating insights to address market uncertainties

Turn off the screens, it is time to meet in person again!

Adriatics Shopper Trends Event is back in physical mode with a full day agenda, and an impactful and interactive content.

Learn how to prepare your business for the future and set it up for success in the coming year.

When: June 7th 2023, 9:30 am – 16:00 pm
Where: Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade (
How: Registration is available here

Topics to be covered
Topics to be covered

1. Adriatic Retail

Retail Trade Evolution in Adriatics & growing impact of regional and global factors 

2. Overcoming Inflationary Pressures

How FMCG players can adapt and drive profitable growth

3. CEO Outlook Study

Navigate the challenges of the upcoming year – the FMCG leaders perspective

Evolving shopper behavior and retailer performance in Serbia and perspective across the Adriatic

5. Innovating Out of Crisis

Innovation holds the key to growth and market share amidst crisis – prepare for what comes next

6. Discover the Discover

Prepare for the new era of accessing and operating with NielsenIQ data and services

Reports availability & registration details

During the full day event we will present Shopper Trends 2023 Study findings of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and BIH. We will also unveil the latest Retail Trade Dynamics, Pricing Challenges and Opportunities, and discuss Inflationary Impact on our markets and the region and share latest updates from NIQ technologically advanced platforms.

Through participation in the event, your company will get access to research findings, top line Shopper Trends 2023 reports and thought leadership material.

Studies & Thought Leadership material:

  • Overcoming Inflationary Pressures: How FMCG Players Can Adapt and Drive Profitable Growth
  • Retail Trade Evolution in the Adriatic market: as a result of growing impact of the regional and global factors
  • Shopper Trends Adriatics 2023: Grocery Shoppers (Mar – Apr 2023) including Global and European benchmarks as well as historical data
  • CEO Outlook Study 2023: Study among Executives of Adriatic FMCG retail
  • Innovating out of crisis: Key to growth and market share amidst crisis – prepare for what comes next

Investment scheme:

Premium* registration fee per Company: €2400 Includes up to 3 attendees per company 

• The entire event presentation material 

Full Shopper Trends report of a single country of choice Fee for any additional participant: €100 

Limited* registration fee per Company: €1500 Includes 1 attendee 

• The entire event presentation material For every additional participant: €100 

*Premium participants receive access to all event material presented and a full Shopper Trends 2023 Study of a single market of choice. Premium participants may purchase additional country detailed reports at €1900 per market. An additional 10% discount applies for Full Reports of all Adriatic markets. *Limited registration participants receive all event material and may purchase detailed Shopper Trends 2023 Study reports for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and BIH at EUR €3800, €3700, €3650 and €3500 respectively. All prices are without VAT. 

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