Food as Medicine Summit 2024

May 21-22 | Chicago, IL

Power your health and nutrition research and outreach with NIQ solutions

NIQ data is renowned worldwide as the gold standard for retail market measurement and consumer behavior. Through the synergy of three solutions, NIQ drives the insights on consumer health and wellness as it evolves on shelf. Overlay Point of Sales (POS) scanner data with panelist ailments supplemented by full product attribution for the Full View™ of health and nutrition for US consumers.

NIQ Health Focused Solutions

About the event

The Food as Medicine Summit to bring together key senior stakeholders from the food and beverage, healthcare industry, non-profits, and investors to discuss the key challenges we need to overcome and tackle these issues together. ​

The discussions will dive into how we can move from research to action, scale Food as Medicine through partnerships, and advance Food as Medicine approaches and programs. ​

For more details on the summit and how to join us for this exciting event, visit ​

Keynote Speaker

We are proud sponsors and presenters.  Sherry Frey, VP of Total Wellness, will be keynote speaker covering:

  • Impact of weight-loss drugs on overall food consumption now and in the future​
  • Shifting dietary behaviors, such as the consumer trend for protein in new forms across the store​
  • Changing consumer demands: from health equity to new requirements around longevity.

Sherry Frey | Vice President, Total Wellness

With a background in market research, innovation, and consulting, Sherry has elevated clients across the fresh, CPG, and wellness industries, providing forward-thinking insights and practical strategies. In addition to leading NielsenIQ’s Total Wellness team and industry engagement, Sherry has been a featured speaker at many national and international industry events and is often sought as a media and analyst resource on topics related to consumer health, wellness, and environmental issues. Sherry’s view of health and wellness spans beyond personal health and wellness, encompassing how we collectively think about the health of the planet.

Visit us at Booth #1

The first 50 visitors to our booth at the show will receive a complimentary copy of the NY Times Best Seller,​ How the Other Half Eats by Dr Priya Fielding-Singh!​

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Meet our experts

Jeff Gregori

Sales Director, Government

Zach Point

Associate Sales Director, Government

Tim Blankshain

Account Director, Government

Phoebe Rizkalla

Sales Director, Total Wellness