Quiz: Business blind spots, decision-making styles and your CPG business


Quiz: Business blind spots, decision-making styles and your CPG business

Time is a precious commodity in today’s fast-moving consumer packaged goods (CPG) market. Your products and innovations need to work harder and faster. Every business decision you make is critical to your future success. How can you ensure you’re consistently making the right ones? Start by understanding your decision-making style, and uncover any hurdles that are holding back your business.

Take NielsenIQ’s new quiz Business Blind Spots, Decision-Making Styles & Your CPG Business today to get started. It’ll take two minutes or less to complete.

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The quiz is designed to identify your decision-making style and assess how you use different data sources when making decisions. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be best placed to achieve your future business goals and tackle any challenges if and when they arise.

Take the quiz and receive a customized report that explores: 

  • What type of decision-maker are you? Are you analytical? Or are you intuitive? Uncover your type, and learn how to adapt your style to help grow your business. 
  • Business blind spots: Your decision-making style could inadvertently impact your company’s competitiveness and growth potential. Learn the common blind spots associated with manufacturers who share your decision-making style. 
  • What’s the next step for your CPG business? Get five pieces of actionable advice to tackle any hurdles head on, alongside solutions available in market right now that can help jumpstart your company’s journey toward long-term growth and sustainability.

With a new product hitting the shelves every two minutes, increased brand-switching and consumer disloyalty on the rise, give your CPG company the best chance at success with the right data-driven strategy.

Take NielsenIQ’s quiz today to uncover your decision-making style and how it impacts your CPG business’s ability to adapt, innovate and compete in today’s tough market. 

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