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Finding Your CPG Wellness Customer


Finding Your CPG Wellness Customer

Today, wellness is more than just a category, it’s a set of attributes sought out across industries.

This means it should be easier than ever finding your wellness customer, right?

Unfortunately, consumers are being pulled in many directions by different product claims, so standing out is tougher than ever. Today’s consumers are looking for specific wellness claims across a wide range of product types and brands.

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The Current State of Wellness

Wellness consumers are becoming more conscious about the products they buy every year. These conscious shoppers already have in mind the attributes and types of products they want before they ever step foot into a store or open a web browser. Meeting these needs can be tough, especially when you have a range of product offerings

That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide for emerging wellness brands to understand what the wellness market looks like and what consumers are saying they care about.

In this eBook will look at:

  • The state of wellness in 2022
  • Tips for finding the right customers for your brand
  • How data can make all the difference

Keep On Top Wellness Trends with Retail Data

Understanding the state of health and wellness in a rapidly changing market can be tough. Investing in data can make all the difference. NielsenIQ has got you covered. NielsenIQ tracks 1,000+ attributes across total store and 250+ NielsenIQ-only attributes and can get granular with Product and Label Insights.

Learn more about our Total Wellness offerings and sign up for a demo to see this attribute data in action. Our team is always here to help you get the data you need when you need it.

As the owner of a small CPG brand, the power to emerge on top of the wellness landscape rests in your hands. Fortunately, our Byzzer platform can help by providing comprehensive reports that help you understand shoppers’ needs and behaviors better. Best of all, we’ll give you actionable insights so that you know what to do next to grow your brand.