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Drive growth with the product attribute insights that matter most to consumers.


Understanding purchase drivers for today’s discerning consumers

200 million consumers in the U.S. are adhering to a diet or health-related program, and they are searching for specific product attributes every time they shop. From keto-friendly snacks and gluten-free beer to biodegradable shampoos and paraben-free makeup, the shopping experience is more personalized than ever.

Improve product discoverability
Deliver experiences that meet shoppers’ needs

What makes us different
What makes us different


Most comprehensive product attribute data

Label Insight technology covers 99% of consumer queries and provides over 27,000 attributes per product that go beyond the label, giving you complete product content.


Fuel for innovation

Deliver future growth with highly informed product enhancements aligned with the emerging health and wellness trends.


Seamless, customized data delivery

Label Insight provides a seamless data delivery experience making it easy to get to the right insights at the right time.


Win against competition using product attribute insights

Consumers today are expressing their beliefs with their wallets, aligning their personal values with their purchase decisions. Shoppers seek out sustainability-minded companies, “clean-label” products, and plant-based proteins, ensuring the things they buy fit with the lifestyle they lead. But consumers are struggling to find the right options. 84% of brands fail to claim at least 1 of their top 3 most-searched attributes, which means businesses are leaving money on the table.

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Better decisions are in the product details

With Label Insight technology, brands and retailers have a direct view into consumer intent. Understanding which product attributes or ingredients matter most to consumers can drive innovation, improve marketing, and optimize assortment strategies. Over 30,000 brands, 350 retailers, the FDA and USDA use Label Insight technology as their source of truth.

Attribution overview
Attribution overview


Allergens & Intolerances

Identify the containment level of the big eight allergens and common intolerances like wheat, soy, peanut, dairy, gluten, and more.


Nutrient Content

Identify products qualifying for FDA regulated nutrient content claims like low fat, high protein, low sodium, sugar free, and more



Identify products containing ingredients of interest such as superfoods, adaptogens, or CBD – or identify products containing ingredients of concern such as Red 40, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Caffeine, and more.


Diet & Lifestyle

Identify products qualifying for popular consumer diets such as ketogenic, paleo, kosher, vegan, Weight Watchers, and more.



Identify products adhering to specific sustainability and social responsibility practices such as fair trade, biodynamic, carbon neutral, BPA free, cage free, and more


Clean Label

Identify products qualifying for popular clean label trends such as USDA organic, non-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, free of preservatives, and more.


Product Information

Full capture of identifying information, ingredients, fact panel data, warnings, category hierarchy and more


Custom Attributes

Don’t see the attribute you’d like or have your own proprietary criteria? NiesenIQ’s Label Insight can develop custom attributes to meet unique attribution needs.


Harness total wellness to grow revenue

13 October 2021, < 1 mins read

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