Finding the right pockets of growth in India


Finding the right pockets of growth in India

The consumer and retail landscape has changed over the past few years, first with COVID-19 and then with inflationary pressures. Consumers have also adjusted their buying behavior to manage their expenses. With these changes, the pockets of growth are also shifting. You need to identify the right consumers for your business and be present where they are.

Growth pockets beyond the megacities

It is no surprise that consumers in urban areas have the capacity to spend more than those in rural. However, according to the latest Periodic Labour Force Survey, 5 million Indians have returned from cities to rural parts of India. This is the highest shift in the last decade, where previously, the trend was for people to migrate from rural areas to cities. With better connectivity, digital and internet maturity, and improvement in infrastructure, rural consumption will only grow. Also, these consumers have the purchasing power to afford a lifestyle that they were used to in the bigger cities.They are now looking for similar access to goods and services closer to home, giving rise to the next wave of growth beyond the megacities and the metros.  

NIQ’s Micro-Marketing solution can help you locate your ideal customers for your products and services. By analyzing different datasets, we provide a harmonized view of the latest economic, market, household, and expenditure trends at highly granular levels — from a postal index number (PIN code) to a 1 km2 range. The same data can also be used to provide a more macro view to help you identify the right markets for you at the state, district, and city levels. 

Micro-Marketing is for a wide range of industries

The data and insights from NIQ Micro-Marketing can be used across various industries, like FMCG, banking and financial services, and telecom. The scope is broad; service industries such as hospitality (hotels and restaurants), real estate, international property consultants, and management consultancies will benefit from granular views. Retail industries such as shopping complexes, automobiles, fashion, and e-commerce can better meet individual consumer needs using pinpoint datasets relative to customized needs of location and market. The in-depth view that Micro-Marketing provides creates a tailored view for a wide range of industries, allowing you to identify the right consumer hotspots easily. 

Micro-Marketing in action

Getting distribution right is a challenge in India. You need to understand the key localities where you should be present to reap the maximum benefits for your brand. The below infographic showcases some of the use cases of the Micro-Marketing solution that will help you overcome these challenges.

Identify the right consumer hotspots for your brand

NIQ’s Micro-Marketing solution helps you pinpoint your target consumers with incredible granularity.

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