Let’s talk E-commerce! Episode 7: Unraveling the future of personalized online experiences


Let’s talk E-commerce! Episode 7: Unraveling the future of personalized online experiences

In the seventh episode of the NIQ e-commerce webinar series, “Let’s Talk E-commerce!”, our expert speakers, Xavier Facon, Global SVP Retail Product, NIQ + GFK, and Trevor Goodall, Product expert Director, NIQ Activate, discuss the future of e-commerce and how leveraging data to provide personalized shopping experiences can lead to greater brand loyalty and increased sales. 

In recent years, e-commerce has been permanently altered, driving retailers to rapidly expand e-commerce approaches for their shoppers. Retailers have been forced to work harder on two fronts. First, they must get shoppers to choose their e-commerce sites over the competition. Second, they need to provide a superb e-commerce experience. What  must retailers and manufacturers do to stay ahead of the curve?

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Understanding the shopper and their needs today 
  • Leveraging data and analytics to create an effective and engaging experience 
  • The right balance between the brands’, retailers’, and shoppers’ preferences: the ideal collaboration 
  • Top steps to amplify and stand out on digital channels 
  • Key trends retailers should watch when it comes to the online shopping experience: retail media and conversational shopping 
Watch or listen to the seventh episode of the NIQ series “Let’s talk E-commerce!” and look out for new releases in the coming weeks!


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Xavier Facon

Global SVP Retail Product, NIQ + GFK

Having joined NIQ in late 2021, Xavier brings his expertise in ad tech, media, and data monetization from Crisp Media, where he led product development and technology as Founder/CTO. After the acquisition of his company in 2017, Xavier headed the retail media platform of Quotient Technology, where he established omnichannel performance media and personalization capabilities for retailers such as Dollar General, Albertsons Co., Ahold-Delhaize, Rite Aid, Giant Eagle, SEG, and AutoZone.

With a passion for innovating the digital consumer experience, Xavier is now leading the NIQ retail product organization, which includes strategy for retail media intelligence. He was instrumental in developing and launching their newest product, NIQ Activate. 

Trevor Goodall 

Product expert Director, NIQ Activate

Trevor Goodall helps retailers and manufacturers alike win in today’s data-driven world. With a master’s degree in management analytics, Trevor has worked in the space for over a decade, moving from a junior analyst in the Nielsen days to a Product Expert Director in NIQ’s Activate product.  

During his career, he’s built strong partnerships with numerous retailers and CPGs, becoming their indispensable analytics and insights business partner. Goodall has led or overseen recommendations that have helped CPGs and retailers utilize first-party data to list new products, grow their assortment, and make profitable and optimal merchandising and promotional decisions. He is very excited to help develop and grow NIQ Activate, the leading SaaS customer value platform that offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including retail intelligence, brand collaboration, personalization, and retail media. 

NIQ Activate 

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