Smart E-Store

Achieve e-commerce excellence and stand out on the digital shelf.

Uncomplicate E-commerce

Replicate the digital shopping experience to evaluate sales and shopper impact of your future ecommerce scenarios, and determine what works best, why, and how to optimize.

  • Test before making changes
  • Understand your digital shoppers
  • Mobile and Desktop applications

Drive conversion online

  • Understand how changes to the layout of a web page will better meet shoppers’ needs and drive sales.
  • Determine how your online product presentation impacts sales for the category and your brand.
  • Identify ePOSM or promotions that best persuade shoppers to buy your brand.
Discover the website of the future
Discover the website of the future

With continued growth of online shopping, it is imperative that retailers and manufacturers understand how to optimize their digital shelf.

Smart E-Store allows you to create realistic ecommerce environments that enable you to test future scenarios and empowers you to make better, data backed decisions.


Build realistic ecommerce environments that enable you to test future scenarios.


Know how your shoppers will react to digital shelf changes.


Better understand your ecommerce shoppers’ behavior and the “why” behind the buy.

Key features
Key features


Global reach

E-Commerce is happening everywhere and with this global solution our research reflects that.


Mobile and desktop applications

Understand your shoppers’ behavior, no matter what device they are shopping on.


Passive and Active Data

Analyze passive data from the shopping exercise to answer “what happens?”, and active data to understand “why?”.


Holistic understanding

Pair with Smart Store for a holistic, online and offline view of your shoppers.

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