Video: Transforming Kids' Favorites with True Made Foods - NIQ

Video: Transforming Kids’ Favorites with True Made Foods


Video: Transforming Kids’ Favorites with True Made Foods

“We wouldn’t sell it if five-year-olds didn’t eat it and love it! You know, that’s the ultimate test!” – Abe Kamarck, Founder of True Made Foods

In our latest Founders Series interview with Abe Kamarck, the mind behind True Made Foods and the winner of NIQ’s first annual Pitch Slam, we dove into the journey of transforming a family dinner struggle into a thriving business. Abe, a father of four, was motivated by the challenge of providing healthy yet appealing meals for his kids. He recognized the sugar overload in conventional ketchup and drew on his Italian heritage, infusing the condiment with vegetables like carrots and later apples to create a low-sugar alternative.

True Made Foods faced the common hurdles of premature expansion and unwise advice, but Abe emphasized the importance of a supportive team and strategic planning in navigating these challenges. Convincing retailers involved leveraging data to understand category trends and market gaps, ensuring a successful entry into the highly consolidated ketchup market.

Abe’s advice for aspiring founders combined humor with practicality, stressing the often-undisclosed role of substantial financial backing in success stories. He encouraged founders to generate revenue quickly while understanding the economic realities of the CPG industry. True Made Foods’ journey epitomizes the resilience and strategic thinking essential for building a successful brand in a competitive market.

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