Founders Series

Insightful conversations with Founders of innovative
CPG brands on the path to growth

Our new video series will dive into the many aspects of launching a CPG brand. From perfecting the product to securing your first meeting with retailers, from getting on a shelf to gaining market share, each episode will shine a light on the challenges and successes of different start-up CPG brands.    

Crafting Confidence: How Danessa Myricks Transformed the Beauty Industry

In the latest installment of NIQ’s Founders Series, NIQ’s Anna Mayo talks with beauty industry trailblazer Danessa Myricks about the many trials and tribulations she overcame and the insights she gained on her path to success.

Unveiling the Beauty of Innovation with Infuse

In the latest installment of NIQ’s Founders series, NIQ’s Anna Mayo talks with Lara Schmoisman, the founder and CEO of Infuse. This candid conversation reveals the challenges of brand creation, from formulation to packaging, and the strategic decision to debut direct-to-consumer, prioritizing brand loyalty over rapid scale. 

If you are a CPG Founder interested in being featured on an upcoming episode contact us today.

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