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Chat CPG: Rise of the Robots


Chat CPG: Rise of the Robots

  • Artificial Intelligence is no longer the stuff of sci-fi movies, or a revolution of the distant future; it’s firmly here and has already started to transform the way we live and work, including processes across the FMCG/CPG landscape. 
  • While the dominant narrative of AI centers around chatbot AIs like ChatGPT, AI is radically shaping the FMCG industry far beyond this, transforming systems and processes everywhere from the supply chain to elevating shopper experiences with hyper-personalized product content and beyond.  
  • For NIQ Brandbank’s latest report we examine the possibilities and explore where brands and retailers can implement AI to enhance the shopper experience — and who best to consult than the AI itself?  

What’s in the report 

This report looks at the growth of AI and the implementation of its technology in the FMCG industry.   

It also includes a unique voice: an AI chatbot. We asked the bot to tell us all about the evolution of AI in the FMCG industry and investigate what brands and retailers need to pay attention to in order to stay on top of change and maximize the full capabilities of AI. 

It considers what AI means for the FMCG industry and the future of online retail as well as where and how it could impact — from transforming the supply chain and corporate transparency to enabling hyper-personalization and an elevated shopper experience.  

The report also discusses:

  • The incredible opportunities of AI
  • The threats and ethical considerations
  • How brands and retailers can begin to leverage what AI has to offer to stay ahead of competitors.