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The Innovation Barometer, powered by BASES Innovation Measurement, quickly identifies, categorizes, and measures innovations, to bring you a monthly update on the most active players in CPG innovation, what’s up, what’s down, who’s winning, who’s losing and more. 

January 2024 edition

What is the current state of innovation in the CPG industry?

BASES Innovation Barometer uses NIQ sales data to give you an overview of innovation activity and performance across six key super-categories: food, confectionery and snacks, beverages, alcoholic beverages, home care and personal care.

Total innovation launches
Total innovation launches

Non-Alcoholic Beverages is the only category showing an increase in the number of innovations launched compared to the same time a year ago, with a symbolic increase of 1%.

However, when comparing to Q3 2023,  Alcoholic Beverages and snacks are the two categories showing increases in innovation launches, while Non-Alcoholic Beverages show a symbolic 1% decline

Source:  BASES Innovation Measurement, United States; Innovation Items launched Latest 52 weeks – w/e 12-30-2023 vs year ago, OND 23 – w/e 12-30-2023 vs OND 22

Top innovation categories
Top innovation categories

Confectionary & Snacks once again holds the top spot when looking at the highest number of innovations sold on promotion. Home Care is the category where innovations have the highest average velocity and the highest innovation contribution to total sales across all categories.

Category with highest number of innovations sold on promotion

Category where innovations have the highest average velocity 

Highest innovation sales contribution to total value sales

Confectionary & Snacks

Home Care

Home Care

Source:  BASES Innovation Measurement, Total innovations; United States; OND 23 – w/e 12-30-2023

Contribution and Percentage of Innovation Sales
Contribution and Percentage of Innovation Sales

Compared to last quarter, there is almost no change in total innovation contribution, which now stands at 5.2%. – a 0.1% increase since our last update. When looking at innovation sales on promotion, it’s a similar story . We see only a 0.1% increase, measuring at 31.6%​ 

Source:  BASES Innovation Measurement, average of 6 categories, United States; OND 23 – w/e 12-30-2023

Innovation active brand owners
Innovation active brand owners

Looking at the most active brand owners in terms of innovation launches, 4 out of 5 companies are players in Personal Care, with P&G leading the pack. PepsiCo is the only player from the Food and Beverages segment in this quarterly update.

5 most innovation active brand owners​


Home Care + Personal Care



Personal Care

Sally Beauty


Personal Care



Personal Care



Confectionery & Snacks + Food + Non Alcoholic Beverages


Source: BASES Innovation Measurement, total innovations launched by brand owner. United States past 12 weeks until September 30, 2023

Innovation market at a glance

Source:  BASES Innovation Measurement , Total innovations;. United States; OND 23 – w/e 12-30-2023

Innovation trends
Innovation trends

With value sales on the rise for both the total market and innovations, it is interesting to note that we see fewer total products on shelf. At the same time, the number of new items being launched continues to decrease as well. 

When it comes to the average eq price, while the total market sees a slight increase of 3.2%, the innovation average eq. price has seen a dramatic increase of almost 40% compared to previous quarter. 

Meanwhile, average item velocity shows a solid increase of 7.7%, while innovation item velocity displays a decline of 7.9%

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