Consumer 360® 2020: Maximize your revenue

Uncover the story behind your revenue to pursue opportunities with confidence.

Access the most complete rich reference data. Align key pillars of product strategy. Empower more users by democratizing data.

Accelerating growth with essential data

Turning the data coal mine to a gold mine

In today’s rapidly evolving FMCG market, data-based decisions are essential for profitable growth. But how do you handle the sheer volume and complexity of available data?

Access the most complete rich reference data

Find new paths for data sharing and integration—intelligent, faster, and globally scaled

Make Integrated data tangible

Data to insights, intuitively

Unlock growth across borders

The non-integrated data trap

Why isolated data is dangerous to trust

Data harmonization and integration play a pivotal role in the quest to find clarity and product growth. What are the new integration capabilities offering an in-depth picture of the consumer landscape, even during times of dramatic marketplace shifts?

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