Retail Data Plans Built to Grow with You

No matter the size of your business, data is the key to intelligent growth. But you may not have the team or budget to sift through piles of data. NielsenIQ offers the same comprehensive data built to meet your particular needs and price point. 

Where Are You in Your Journey?

Growing your brand can seem like a long road to travel down. Whether you’re heading into your first retail review meeting, expanding distribution to new markets, or leading the pack, we have a data plan for you.  

Even better, all plans include access to the most comprehensive retailer measurement data (POS) and shopper data (panel) on the market!  

Pick your growth stage below to see how we can help and get access to free insights: 

Stage 1: Planning your trip

You’re just getting started and need guidance on the next steps.

Stage 2: Stepping on the gas

You’re on shelves and are looking to gain market share or expand to new markets.

Stage 3: Full speed ahead

You are growing quickly and already understand the value of data, so now it’s time to focus on efficiency and ROI.

Planning Your Trip

Every business has to start somewhere. Maybe you’re starting to get your products on shelves for the first time or maybe you’re looking to expand beyond a small set of retailers. At this stage, it’s time to take a look at the dashboard on your car—our data will help you understand how your own performance, pricing, category trends and give you the foundation before you embark on your “trip” to win over retailers and gain distribution. Grow your sales and open more markets with the most accessible and affordable access to retail measurement and shopper insights on the market. 

Top Solutions to help you get underway


This AI-powered tool pulls relevant data for you and automates the creation of PPT decks meant to get brands ~80% there in prepping for a category review. You can download the deck straight from the platform; our data will highlight your brand in the best light. You can add your own branding and change titles, but the tool is a HUGE time saver!

CPG Reports

Access 40+ reports powered by NielsenIQ data to steer your next business decision and presentation in the right direction. All CPG reports can be filtered by product, market, or time period, and your results never expire. 


Get weekly alerts in your mailbox and compare this week’s activity to the 7-week trend to flag if you need to investigate why this week is different. Take swift action based on the recommendations provided to unlock new growth opportunities. 

We’ve curated a selection of content specifically for brands that are just getting started

How CPG Data Can Help Your Business Grow 

Stepping on the Gas

If you’ve been on shelves for a while and are looking to gain market share or expand to new markets, this is the plan for you. Accelerate your brand sales and distribution with actionable and intelligent insights, providing advanced views, alerts, and stories.

Top Solutions to get to the next step:

Panel Data

POS and panel data are included in every Byzzer™ plan, but at this stage it’s time to focus more on panel data. Panel data, or household data, is self-reported purchasing data collected by third-party companies like NielsenIQ. This data offers a much wider look at sales trends and lets brands get info from the consumers themselves.

Data on Demand

Looking for something specific? Data On Demand allows you to custom-build a dataset to download to Excel. This gives you an overview of the category landscape, but looking at it your way. 

Product Insights

Today’s shoppers are more purposeful, better informed, and willing to pay more for products that meet their needs. It’s essential to have the right insights into these product attributes, changing consumer habits, and the accelerating market. 

We’ve curated a selection of content specifically for brands that are growing quickly

Going Full Speed

You’ve been growing quickly and already understand the value of data, so now it’s time to focus on efficiency and ROI. We can provide you with a roadmap to create the most efficient pricing and promotion strategies to avoid wasting dollars with suboptimal information. Take immediate action to grow your business with smart reports that include analytics at the item level on pricing, promotion, assortment and new products.

Top Solutions to get to the next step:

Consumer Behavior Reports

By incorporating sophisticated segmentation into our panel data, you can leverage the entire ecosystem of consumer tracking and activation to help guide your decisions for marketing, sales, and insights.

Smart Reports

Get item-level, actionable recommendations by market. Smart reports tell you what actions you need to take today to grow sales tomorrow. Save hours analyzing the data and let us do it for you with our smart reports.

Pricing, Promotion & Assortment Analytics

Translate your shelf and price strategy into account-specific tactics to lock in profitable promotions, optimize pricing, and ensure you invest in the right product assortment to maximize growth. All elasticities are included for both pricing and promotion in store-level detail.

We’ve curated a selection of content specifically for brands that are on top of their game

Assortment Planning Made Easy With Simulation and Automation 

Not Sure Where You Are in Your Growth?

Every business has a different growth oath and diverse needs. If your business falls somewhere in between the plans listed above or you have a particular need, we’re here to help. We can build a custom plan to grow your business without breaking the bank. 

Individualized Reports, Low Price

Sometimes you just need a small amount of data, quickly. NielsenIQ offers ad hoc reporting options for businesses of all sizes and industries. Speak to a member of our team today and we’ll get you the data you need, when you need it. 

Give Us a Try, No Strings Attached

Get 3 free reports to understand your brand, category, and a few competitors for the category of your choice.