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New video series ‘GenTalk’ sparks conversations on Diversity and Inclusion

Newscenter Article

New video series ‘GenTalk’ sparks conversations on Diversity and Inclusion

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A simple conversation can go a long way in helping people better understand—and empathize with—each other. In the workplace, such discussions are crucial to create a diverse and inclusive culture where all employees feel their voices are heard and they can make a difference. For more than a decade, our nine employee resource groups (ERGs) have played a key role in helping to open up conversations around diversity and inclusion at Nielsen.

Our ERGs create an opportunity for employees of different cultural and social backgrounds, identifications, and generations to come together, celebrate and learn from each other. One of our newest ERGs, Nielsen Generation (N-Gen), aims to emphasize and understand generational differences between our employees to help create a more efficient working environment. This group turns one this year in the U.S., and to celebrate, we’ve launched a video series, “GenTalk.”

GenTalk features discussions between two employees of different generations who share a common characteristic, such as race, gender, or sexuality. This series gives associates a platform to promote empathy, while also emphasizing our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

N-Gen recently sat down with leaders in three of our other ERGs—PRIDE (Promoting Respect in Diverse Environments), SABLE (Sustaining Active Black Leadership and Empowerment) and WIN (Women in Nielsen)—to discuss their experiences working at Nielsen, as well as how they’ve achieved success and approached generational differences.

Celebrating PRIDE across generations

The N-Gen team had the opportunity to interview Andrew McCaskill, SVP of Global Communications, and Jason Gugliotti, VP of Client Solutions, from Pride.

SABLE finds strength in understanding generations

From SABLE, the N-Gen team interviewed Kelle Coleman, Industry Partners and Events Lead, and Wilburt Carpenter, Manager of Industry Partnerships.

WIN explores agelessness between generations

The N-Gen team had an opportunity to interview Jenny Frazier, SVP of Innovation, and Christina Loop, Demand Analyst, from WIN.