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NielsenIQ Renews the CEO Pledge with the LEAD Network Europe

Newscenter Article

NielsenIQ Renews the CEO Pledge with the LEAD Network Europe

We are proud to announce that Emilie Darolles, our Western European President, has renewed the CEO Pledge from LEAD Network Europe demonstrating the commitment to further accelerate gender parity and to prioritize gender equity in our ecosystem.

“I’m excited to reinstate the LEAD Network CEO Pledge for Western Europe to build upon our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) journey so far and further grow the mission within NIQ. Our century-old legacy holds diversity and inclusion at its core, and we win when our people are empowered to be themselves.” states Emilie Darolles.

Over the last 100 years, we’ve tirelessly pursued equitable and fair data measurement. Our commitment to equality is fundamental to our business and our culture—it’s not just what we do, but who we are. At NielsenIQ, we embrace the talents and ideas of all backgrounds and perspectives because we win (and you get our best) when our people are empowered to be themselves.

Our diverse hiring practices are essential to growing our representation across all levels of our business. From mandatory diverse hiring slates to unconscious bias training, we’ve embedded diversity and inclusion into the fiber of our talent acquisition in every market where we work.

About NielsenIQ

NielsenIQ, a global consumer intelligence company, delivers the gold standard in consumer and retail measurement, through the most connected, complete, and actionable understanding of the evolving global, omnichannel consumer. NielsenIQ is the source of confidence for the industries we serve and the pioneer defining the next century of consumer and retail measurement. Our data, connected insights, and predictive analytics optimize the performance of CPG and retail companies, bringing them closer to the communities they serve and helping to power their growth.  

NielsenIQ, an Advent International portfolio company, has operations in 90+ markets, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit 

About LEAD Network 

LEAD Network is a non-profit and volunteer-led organization whose mission is to attract, retain and advance women in the consumer goods and retail sector in Europe through education, leadership and business development. It has a fast-growing membership of almost 18,000—both women and men—drawn from 48 countries. Members have the opportunity to build their leadership skills, widen their circle of contacts, and be inspired by female role models and male champions in the industry. To date, 58 companies are sponsoring LEAD Network, and 64 have signed the CEO Pledge.

LEAD Network offers the opportunity to learn, exchange, bring back ideas to our business and make a change in the industry. By taking on an active role, NielsenIQ contributes as a Foundation Partner since 2017 to the movement of advancing women leaders in the retail and consumer goods sector.

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