Press Release

Empowering Brands to Connect with Consumers: NIQ’s Insights on the Power of TikTok Shop

Press Release

Empowering Brands to Connect with Consumers: NIQ’s Insights on the Power of TikTok Shop

Utilize NIQ’s Data to Drive Success in the Rapidly Growing TikTok Shop Marketplace

Chicago, IL – June 27, 2024 —NIQ, a global leader in measurement and data analytics, has announced the release of a new comprehensive report in collaboration with TikTok, focusing on their in-app commerce feature, TikTok Shop. The report highlights the changing dynamics of consumer shopping behavior and provides insights into how brands can effectively engage with their audiences on this influential platform. This report builds on NIQ’s advanced measurement capabilities introduced in October 2023, offering brands and retailers valuable insights into their product performance within TikTok Shop.

Social and video platforms increasingly influence consumer shopping behaviors on and off-platform. These platforms enable consumers to shop “everywhere,” eliminating traditional barriers such as store locations and travel time. Consequently, brands need strategies that cater to in-store and online shopping experiences. According to the 2024 NIQ Consumer Outlook survey, 55% of respondents now make direct purchases from social media or live stream platforms for grocery and household items, a figure approaching the usage of Click and Collect or grocery delivery services1.

“Combining the creativity and engagement of TikTok with data-driven insights from NIQ is a game-changer for brands. Understanding and measuring performance on TikTok Shop isn’t just about tracking numbers; it’s about unlocking the power of consumer behavior in real-time,” said Jacqueline Flam, SVP, U.S. Beauty, with NIQ. “This empowers brands to connect with their audiences strategically, driving meaningful outcomes and staying ahead in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

TikTok resonates with shoppers of all ages, offering brands a unique opportunity to capture the attention of a diverse audience. While there is an especially strong opportunity to connect with younger, digitally savvy shoppers—43% of Millennials and Gen Z online purchases are made via smartphone apps2—TikTok can also engage older generations. Brands can leverage TikTok to build strong connections with various demographics, ensuring long-term loyalty. Both well-established and smaller brands can thrive on TikTok, as the platform facilitates product discovery and consumer engagement.

“At TikTok, we’ve seen a shift in consumer behavior where entertainment, personalized discovery, and authentic voices seamlessly converge to inspire a community ready to shop. Our research indicates this organic behavior is driving unprecedented engagement and commerce everywhere,” said Rachael Ryan from TikTok. “I am grateful for our friends at NIQ who are helping brands navigate this landscape with precision, delivering experiences that resonate and drive growth in the ever-evolving commerce landscape.”

Unlocking TikTok’s Influence on Omnichannel Shopping:

  • #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt: The video views of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt reached 8M3 showcasing the platform’s ability to drive purchasing decisions.
  • Higher Purchase Intent: TikTok users are 48% more likely to discover and immediately purchase new products than users on other social/video platforms4, emphasizing TikTok’s role as a catalyst for consumer engagement.
  • Post-engagement actions: After encountering a shopping ad on TikTok, 71% of users said they are likely to take an off-platform action to explore the product/brand further5, highlighting the platform’s ability to drive interest and brand discovery.
  • Offline Impact: Remarkably, 2 in 5 users who discover a product on TikTok opt to visit physical stores to make purchases6, highlighting the platform’s influence on offline consumer behavior.
  • E-commerce Influence: With 62% of respondents familiar with TikTok Shop and 68% open to making purchases through it, the platform has become a pivotal player in the e-commerce landscape, offering a seamless shopping experience to a receptive audience7.

This data paints a compelling picture of TikTok’s influence on omnichannel shopping behaviors, showcasing its ability to drive discovery, engagement, and purchase intent across digital and physical retail spaces.

To learn more about TikTok’s Commerce solutions and strategies to maximize success on TikTok, please visit TikTok For Business – Commerce Solutions for Online Merchants. For more information from NIQ on the power of TikTok, and to download a copy of the report please visit NIQ’s Tapping into the power of TikTok Shop.

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