Store Segmentation

Store Segmentation

Gain insights into product activities and launches to maximize performance.

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Your next decision is in the details

Combining store-level data with modeling techniques, NielsenIQ Store Segmentation creates unique groupings of different data sets and behaviors. Compare your own products’ performances against each other as well as against your competitors in the remaining market.

Track launch and post-launch activity
Optimize performance with granular data
Identify risk and opportunities
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Nearly 4 in 10 consumers love trying new brands and products. But 30% of new products fail because brands didn’t activate them properly.

Key features
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In-depth product detail

Granular data allows you to dig deep and determine the nuances across various factors, such as markets and prices.


Versatile use

Create custom groupings and segments to compare customer behaviors and share performance.


Remaining market

Compare groupings’ performance against the remaining market for a full-picture view.

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