Tips & Tricks to Take Personalization to the Next Level


Tips & Tricks to Take Personalization to the Next Level

Are you struggling to start your personalization program? Looking to prove ROI and incremental revenue from your marketing campaigns? Always on the search to provide customers with the same level of engagement, they have in mind to keep them coming back?

Watch the on-demand webinar “Tips and tricks to take Personalization to the next level” to learn how retailers can deliver more relevant and timely content, grow sales, and work smarter with their brand partners. Better understand how you can navigate this ever-changing personalization journey as we will share some insightful best practices gathered from dozens of our customers worldwide.

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • 9 top tips for creating the winning personalization program
  • How to deliver ROI and create sustainable investments from your brands
  • About the personalization metrics framework to continuously monitor campaigns’ values

Meet your speakers

Ran Dotan 

Customer Value Director, NIQ 

Sarah Duchazeaubeneix 

International Client Director, NIQ

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