Shopping is now everywhere: Insights must be too


Shopping is now everywhere: Insights must be too

  • Understand the omni-channel shopper better than ever before. Below, NIQ dives into the agile shopper and how they have modernized by leveraging technology to find their preferred shopping routines.


Rise of the Omnishopper

Since the rise of digital retail, the idea of omnichannel has captured the attention of the marketing world. Defined as a strategic approach that integrates multiple customer touchpoints and channels of distribution to provide a seamless and consistent shopping experience, omnichannel focuses on creating a unified brand experience across both online and offline channels.

Examples of omnichannel range from click-and-collect to in-store digital experiences that leverage technology to enhance the shopping experience. They also include mobile apps that enable customers to browse products, make purchases, and access personalized offers or rewards; social media integration and unified customer profiles, where retailers create a unified view of their customers by integrating data from various channels.

The concept of Omnishopper takes the idea of omnichannel and bolsters it with a harmonizing experience for customers, allowing them to interact with the brand and the retailer on their preferred channels while maintaining a consistent and seamless shopping journey.

“We have moved from an era defined by panicked moves online to measured strategic bets online where we need to understand the inherent limitations of the online channel but also take into account the immaturity of the online grocery channel compared with brick and mortar.”

Ken Cassar
VP, Omni Industry Leader
Winning pricing strategies

$100B in sales have shifted from extensive stock-up trips into shorter trips since peak COVID, continuing a trend established well before COVID.

Insights into Omnishoppers

The omnishopper seamlessly integrates online and offline channels, using brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms to research, compare, and make purchasing decisions. This is not your mother and father’s shopper!

Omnishoppers have access to a wide range of information and options, enabling them to make better-informed choices based on factors like price, quality, convenience, and personal preferences. They might begin their shopping journey by researching products online, reading reviews, and comparing prices, then paying a visit to physical stores to see and touch the products before making a final decision. They might also choose to make the purchase online and have it delivered to their doorstep.

For retailers and brands, understanding omnishopper customers is crucial to staying competitive in the evolving retail landscape. Only by recognizing the preferences and behaviors of omnishoppers can they design strategies to provide the optimal experience across any and all channels. This might involve integrating online and offline inventory, implementing new fulfillment services, optimizing mobile apps for easy navigation and purchase, and leveraging data analytics to personalize marketing and recommendations.

“Brands and retailers are at an inflection point. They have to make investments but need to have more advanced data to support the decision-making processes. This is critical as shopping behavior settles into the new normal. This new normal translates into shoppers who are more educated and shopping trips that are more fragmented.”

Ken Cassar
VP, Omni Industry Leader

Why Omnishopper insights are so critical now

Omnishopper insights are increasingly important in today’s marketplace because they enable retailers and brands to better understand and adapt to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior, omnichannel retailing, and the data-driven business environment. By leveraging these insights effectively, companies can enhance their decision-making processes, gain a competitive advantage, and thrive in today’s complex marketplace.

The rise of e-commerce and the increasing integration of online and offline shopping experiences requires managers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the total shopping landscape. Omnishopper insights provide valuable details on how consumers move between channels, enabling marketers to optimize their strategies and deliver a more consistent experience.

Every single day brands and retailers are getting more information about their customers’ behaviors and preferences. Omnishopper insights allow companies to analyze and interpret this data more effectively, providing actionable intelligence. This knowledge, in turn, helps marketers make data-driven decisions about product assortment, pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer experience improvements, leading to better outcomes that set the brand or retailer apart from competitors.

Omnishopper insights provide valuable information about consumer preferences, needs, and challenges they need to address by delivering context that helps unify online and in-store experiences and a holistic view of the shopping journey. This understanding enables marketers to tailor their offerings, create personalized experiences, and differentiate themselves from competitors, which in turn attracts and retains customers and builds loyalty.

Lastly, traditional marketing approaches are no longer effective in reaching and engaging with consumers. Omnishopper insights provide a deeper comprehension of how consumers engage with marketing messages and respond to various channels. This knowledge helps marketers develop targeted campaigns, deliver relevant content, and optimize advertising spending. By identifying the most effective channels and messaging strategies, businesses can maximize their marketing return on investment (ROI) and drive growth.

“At NIQ, we know the shift to omnichannel is permanent. But the measurement that was typical of traditional retail is gone and is being replaced with the use of artificial intelligence and other related tools. Retail media, which is the natural evolution of trade promotions and trade funding, is becoming pervasive in omnichannel shopping strategy. This covers everything from in-store digital to online recommendation area engines. All of this leads to personalized engagement with the customer. The more the retailer and the brand can follow the customer through the journey to the actual purchase, the more successful they’re going to be in retaining or gaining wallet share.”

Ken Cassar
VP, Omni Industry Leader

Grocery sales growth for Gen Z is coming strongly from both in-store and online channels.

The NIQ Omnishopper solution

NIQ Omnishopper captures both online and brick-and-mortar sales with expansive coverage. Omnishopper is an award-winning omni-panel solution that seamlessly incorporates into NIQ’s Discover tool, making finding insights easier. Instead of two separate panels for online and in-store purchases, two separate teams, and two separate data sources, retailers and brands benefit from the combined actionable knowledge to focus on the decisions that impact their business most.

The world’s largest omnishopper panel provides brands and retailers with the only total data truth set on shopper behavior in the market today. NIQ continues to enhance consumer insights across granular geographies, demographics, disruptive brands, and retailers to improve the speed at which new product launches and industry trends can be capitalized on. Composed of longitudinal Omnishopper data, this panel has the unmatched ability to provide the most holistic, long-term view into consumer behavior. Instead of having two consultative teams telling different stories, there is one unified, trusted team to deliver the right insights at the right time and in the right format.

Omnishopper combines NIQ’s investments and technology to holistically track shopper behavior online and offline across products and categories to identify underlying behavior. Unlike loyalty card data that provides an analytical scale for individual retailers, Omnishopper delivers comprehensive online and offline shopper sample sizes to show the granular behaviors of today’s rapidly evolving consumers.

NIQ Omnishopper counsel

Experts at NIQ recommend brands and retailers maintain and even increase focus on the omnishopper, despite any slowdowns in e-commerce growth. The industry can’t expect to return to the levels of revenue and unit expansion experienced during the pandemic, but servicing the new, higher volume levels requires fresh thinking about go-to-market strategies for both in-store and online.

Differentiated growth from in-store retailing is returning and will be further bolstered when the current inflationary environment settles down. At the same time, as the customer experience with online grocery fulfillment improves and as generational demographics transform the customer journey, the need to provide resources to support engagement will be even more critical. Both of these trends require companies to re-evaluate their resource allocation so expenditures correlate more closely to expected shopper engagement outcomes.

Both brands and retailers need to use their data analytics to uncover opportunities for pure growth – sales that weren’t there before. This is the holy grail for consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers, and it requires a renewed focus on improving the end-to-end customer experience.

“Both retailers and brands need to understand their distribution channels better. How products in this new market get from the point of production and distribution to the point of sale and even through the point of consumption. Both trading partners need to make the retail experience as easy as possible.”

Stacey Maniscalco
Vice President, Omnisolutions

Business case: Using Omnishopper panel to rebuild a brand

“Double digit growth online was not enough to make up for Brand A’s losses in-store. The potential existed to grow sales by converting more Brand A shoppers into Brand A buyers. NIQ gave them the tools to do just that.”

Ken Cassar
VP, Omni Industry Leader

NIQ’s best-in-class Omnishopper panel gives brands and retailers the confidence needed to successfully run their business.

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