Shopper Behavior


Capture consumer purchases across online and offline channels for a complete view of changing omnichannel behaviors.

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The shopper journey is all around you

Changing habits take consumers from brick-and-mortar browsing to online purchasing and back to stores for curbside pickup. Increase your wallet share by clearly seeing and fully understanding movements across categories, brands, and retailers.

Follow the same shopper across channels
Track omni leakage and shopper shifts
Uncover blind spots with expanded coverage

Buying behavior online and offline

Today’s shopper moves more fluidly across retailers and channels, making it ever more  challenging to see the full landscape and how to prioritize opportunities. Through NielsenIQ Omnishopper, your business can follow shopper behavior and understand evolving consumer habits, enabling you to develop data-backed plans and tailor-made strategies unique to your customers.

Key features
Key features


Breadth of

Uncover blind spots with a comprehensive view of the omnishopper journey to identify new growth opportunities.


Stronger panel management

Our panels use the most rigorous validation and robust requirements in the market, so you know the data reveals behavioral trends and not random fluctuation.


Consistent shopper tracking

NielsenIQ Omnishopper tracks the same shoppers across channels and over time to deliver accurate and reliable insights to support strategic decisions.


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