The Full View – Measurement

The next level of omnichannel transformation

More coverage.
Precise granularity.

The latest evolution of NIQ’s market measurement seamlessly integrates online and offline sales from CPG industry retailers to:

Experience Transformed Coverage ​

Access integrated online and offline data with an unprecedented level of product detail.​

Fill Important Omni Coverage Gaps ​

See how your brand competes with online private label sales.​

Access Account-Level Reporting

Get insights tailored to your specific needs and goals.​

Supercharge Data with Product Attributes​

Unify and enrich your data for better performance.

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Customize Data & Insights at Your Fingertips

Actionable intelligence to optimize your strategy.


From ASIN to UPC, track sales alongside your other channels seamlessly.

Where Vision Fuels Value:
Market Measurement trusted by Retailers and Wall Street

Did you know?


84% of U.S. retailer volume utilizes NIQ retail intelligence


91% of consumers buy both in-store and online 


CPG Click & Collect sales are up 9% vs YA while Shipped & Delivery has grown 12%

We’re here to help with those blind spots.

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