How Mom Bomb is using Byzzer™ to meet consumer preferences and optimize market positioning.

The business challenge

Before partnering with NIQ, Heather Roberts faced significant challenges in growing Mom Bomb. Despite her passion and dedication, she struggled to create products that resonated with consumers. Heather spent three years and $500,000 developing bath products that ultimately failed to sell. So, how did she turn it all around?

Mom Bomb needed:

Market Data

Insights into Consumer Behavior

Brand Support

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The data solution

Acting without accurate data can leave you blind to the trends impacting your brand. Mom Bomb is proof getting the Full View™ can help you take your business to the next level.

With Byzzer’s reports & NIQ data, Mom Bomb is able to identify best-selling fragrances and optimal product sizes.

They can tailor their offerings to actual consumer preferences and target and outperform the competition effectively.

Byzzer™ has helped Mom Bomb transform their brand strategy and grow.

“It literally changed my business. It went from not being able to sell anything to getting POs every two weeks.”

Heather Roberts, Founder of Mom Bomb

Need better data? Don’t worry, Byzzer has the solution!

Before access to Byzzer, Mom Bomb was shooting in the dark, resulting in unsold inventory and financial losses. They needed better insight into the market and their opportunities in it. With Byzzer™, they got the tools they needed.


Mom Bomb uses competitive reports to identify market gaps and vulnerable competitors, allowing for strategic targeting and positioning.


They utilize velocity metrics to understand product movement and incremental sales data to benchmark performance.


The insights from these reports have been integral in reverse-engineering successful products and formulating data-driven growth strategies.

Data plays a crucial role in transforming Mom Bomb’s product development and market strategies.

Now,  Mom Bomb has the power of data backing their every move. They’re able to actively identify areas of growth and opportunities at a granular level based on what they have learned from the Byzzer™ platform. With hard numbers from credible data sources like NIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement, Mom Bomb is taking their brand to the next level and looking to a strong future.

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