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Grow when and where it matters with the right mix of solutions for your brands

Every brand hits a growth stage that requires a more granular understanding of your products impact on revenue–and accurate demand forecasting capabilities to be able to craft your next phase of growth planning. Analytics can help you achieve more when top-level data alone is no longer enough.

Winning solutions for growing CPG Brands

What specific business questions can we help you solve?

From shelf to execution, our Analytics solutions can help specialty and growing brands accelerate growth plans. Flip through the slider to learn how these solutions can plug into existing processes or help you incorporate new best practices for your assortment, price and promotion strategies.

Win the Consumer

How well do you understand the attributes that are driving volume and loyalty within your category?

Solution: Market Structure

Market Structure is a foundational piece of research that leverages Homesan panel data to understand the different attributes that have driven volume over time. This is key to obtaining an influencer relationship with retailers. It helps them understand the optimal positioning of products within each category to grow their sales. For brands this gives you the insight to understand who you compete most closely with and how you can differentiate yourself from the competition and capitalize on whitespace opportunities within the category.

Win the Shelf

Looking at velocity only tells part of the story; do you know how incremental your items are to the category?

Solution: Shelf Architect

Win at the shelf by understanding the unique growth value that your SKUs bring to the category. Our week, store, and item level models give you the knowledge to craft the right story for each retailer, whether that is to help you expand your shelf space or defend your already listed items. Shelf Architect allows you to simulate profitable assortment changes in real-time so you can grow your brands and help propel the category.

Win on Price & Promotion Execution

Are you able to effectively optimize your pricing and promotion strategy to accomplish your specific business objectives?

Solutions: Revenue Management Optimization

Get the right insights, at the right time, across your portfolio to effectively manage your price and promotion strategy. Our approach helps you understand, across retailers and channels, where consumers are sensitive and where that sensitivity is coming from. Within Revenue Managment you are able to use this insight to understand how different changes in your strategy can affect margin and volume.