Translate data into action with the Full View™ for retail

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Uncover pathways to growth with a new era of intelligence, powered by the most complete data, advanced technology, and retail expertise.

As a retailer in today’s market, adapting to the needs of empowered, informed customers requires constant reinvention. You can navigate this complexity and become the preferred choice of your customers by embracing a new era of intelligence, driven by data, advanced analytics, and AI.

NIQ delivers the Full View™ for retail, powered by the most complete data and advanced technology. With a suite of tools designed for a new era of intelligence, you can translate insights into powerful, profitable action and stay ahead of the competition. Keep up with rapidly changing market dynamics and consumer behavior while collaborating with suppliers to make smart, fast decisions.

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of online only Tech and Durables (T&D) retailers will invest in AI and ML


of consumers adapt fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) shopping to manage expenses


of consumers say sustainability more important than before

  • “NIQ Activate platform helps us to improve our Private Label assortment and strategy across all categories and price tiers in order to increase loyalty and fulfill our clients’ shopping needs and wants.” Valerie Carloni, Customer Insights Manager, COOP Italy
  • “Suppliers who are engaged with NIQ Activate platform and are using the insights to drive decision making around their assortment or promotional strategy, are performing 8% better than their competitive set year to date. Underscores the power of insights - drive growthwithin the business.” Charlotte Myer, SVP Merchandising, FreshDirect
  • Currys
Retail Spend Barometer

Access expert insights on key drivers behind FMCG and Tech & Durables customer spend

With over 350,000 retail partners, NIQ and GfK launch the Retail Spend Barometer Quarterly insights, from local experts in 6 EU countries.

E-Book Guide

Personalization in Retail Media

Read this guide to learn the key steps required to develop a customer-first approach to retail media and best practices to consider when planning for this shift.

The guide also explores how retailers can provide superior retail media offerings with NielsenIQ’s best-in-class product and platform.

NIQ Activate

Empowering retailers and brand collaborators to go from data to insights to activation.

NIQ Activate fuels engagements that matter between retailers, suppliers, and their customers with a unique SaaS, AI-based collaborative platform. Activate offers a shared Full View into Supply Chain Analytics, Assortment & Promotion Analytics, Category & Customer Analytics, Personalized Offer Management, and Retail Media Intelligence.

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One platform, total clarity. Built on the world’s most comprehensive sales tracking data and consumer insights, enhanced with industry and data expertise. Supercharge your ability to access and utilize key business intelligence across your entire organization. 

Looking to unlock the full potential of your data?

Chances are, your competitors are benefiting from our Retail Data Partners Program. Now it’s your turn. Whether you’re looking to improve your analytics, automate processes, or tap into new data sources, the NIQ Partner Program has the dynamic expertise and resources you need.