NielsenIQ Activate

One collaborative platform powering retailers and brands to go from data to insights to activation

What is NIQ Activate?
What is NIQ Activate?

Step into the new win-win-win retail world

NIQ Activate powers engagements that matter for retailers, brands and their customers with a unique SaaS, AI-based collaborative platform. It offers its retail and brand users the Full View into Supply Chain Analytics, Assortment & Promotion Analytics, Category & Customer Analytics, Personalized Offer Management, and Retail Media Intelligence.

With NIQ Activate, collaboration between retailers and suppliers is made simple to enable mutual, profitable growth.

The benefits of NIQ Activate’s win-win-win model
The benefits of NIQ Activate’s win-win-win model


For Retailers

  • Accelerate sales growth and customer stickiness
  • Collaborate smarter with brands and increase their funding
  • Power ads that truly work to increase retail media revenue


For Brands

  • Gain the insights needed to optimize trade & marketing budgets
  • Enhance Joint Business Planning efficiency
  • Grow sales through more intelligent decision-making


For Customers

  • Get the right offer at the right time and the right place
  • Enhanced shopping experience and value for money
  • Engage with ads that truly matter
NIQ Activate Solutions
NIQ Activate Solutions

Supply Chain Analytics

Partner with suppliers to mitigate risks, assure on-shelf availability, optimize costs, maximize revenue, and manage service level compliance.

Assortment & Promotion Analytics

Inform collaborative decision making with your suppliers to maximize assortment and promotion effectiveness while measuring the impact.

Category & Customer Analytics

Define customer-centric, data-driven strategies with your suppliers to connect with customers and harness the power of your customer data.

Personalized Offer Management

Align with suppliers on target audiences and segmentation to deliver personalized offers across all channels to build customer loyalty.​

Retail Media Intelligence

Drive new revenue streams, plan and execute campaigns, and measure performance with suppliers for to increase return on ad spend.

Connected Collaboration

NIQ Activate enables best-in-class collaboration to power mutual supplier and retailer growth delivered in one connected platform. View our solution.


NIQ Activate’s platform technology

One Platform

A single interface with unified UI and User Experience, enabling retailers to leverage supply chain, customer, and category insights and engage customers with personalized experiences – under one-stop shop.


AI-driven predictive analytics automatically decode each customer’s retail DNA, enabling on-demand, behavior-based analytics and targeting. Self-learning algorithms and intuitive workflows enable deep personalization, with automatic adjustment for changes in behavior, scalable for millions of customers.


Scalable cloud-based big data, enabling in-depth and on-demand retail intelligence & analytics – without any delay.

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