Global Snapshot

Leverage timely, localized, and customizable insights to maximize competitive advantages across international markets.

Go global with your brand

With access to always-on, flexible reporting for international markets, you’ll have a comprehensive view of global market dynamics, and the ability to position your business to enter new territory strategically—not reactively.

  • Evaluate international opportunities
  • Size potential acquisitions
  • Gain new ideas for domestic markets

Enter new markets with confidence

The NielsenIQ Global Snapshot is a customizable report designed to help you keep a pulse on international market dynamics and evaluate opportunities for expansion. With a line of sight on the competitive environment, you can have data-backed conversations with investors, and ultimately expand your distribution.

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Key features
Key features


Highly customizable

Create reports to fit your needs—choosing from thousands of NielsenIQ category databases—and gain valuable insights on your category, competition, and more.


Breadth of coverage

Access data from more than 100 countries, leveraging global currency to quantify and evaluate market opportunities with key stakeholders around the world.


Central coordination

Streamline multi-country requests with a single point of contact, enabling access to multiple databases without hassle or confusion.


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