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Global Product Exchange | GDSN

Enhance collaboration between trading partners with NIQ Brandbank’s global GDSN certified data pool connection


Advance the B2B2C product data quality

When your product information is accessible and accurate, you win. GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamlessly, ensuring trading partners have access to current information.

Share with partners simultaneously
Improve product data quality
Enable brand transparency

Utilise our GDSN certified data pool

NIQ Brandbank’s GDSN Connector combines customer-facing product content, produced by us, with the B2B world of GDSN – aggregating the product content to deliver one unified source of B2B and B2C product data to the GS1 GDSN standards. The Global Product Exchange solution is a truly unique offering in the global market place.


When product information is accessible and accurate, your business wins.

The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN®) is the world’s largest product data network. GS1 GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamlessly. Because companies of all sizes need the same thing—timely and reliable product information—to ultimately benefit consumers and patients.

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Key features
Key features


Reduce logistical costs

Save time, money and resource through improved visibility of stock levels and characteristics (weights and dimensions) for your products.


Optimise speed to market

Bring new products to market quickly and easily with standardised and instantaneous sharing of product content to all trading partners.


Share B2B and B2C content

Utilise the unique opportunity to combine NIQ Brandbank’s B2C content with the traditional benefits offered by the GDSN network.

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