Assortment and Promotion Analytics

Optimize assortment and plan more impactful promotions to stay ahead of the competition.

Increase your customers’ value and drive growth intelligently

NIQ Activate’s Assortment and Promotion Analytics solution provides AI-powered insights to assess the impact and incremental value of past promotions, and to plan future ones intelligently.

It also enables you to tailor your assortment strategy by leveraging NIQ’s market-level data and your customer purchasing behaviors and combinations, in full collaboration with your suppliers.

  • Activate promotions that work
  • Develop customer-driven assortments
  • Empower suppliers to increase promotion funding
Key features
Key features


Out-of-box intelligent reports

Gain the right insights, powered by granular customer, category, and store-level data.


Predictive simulations

Leverage always-on predictive models and what-if scenario simulations for more efficient assortments.


Supplier collaboration portal

Drive better joint business planning with suppliers through one ‘source-of-truth’.

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