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Deliver the best shopping experience by making consumer goods more discoverable and engaging.


    Unleash your ecommerce potential today

    NIQ Brandbank provides retailers and brands with robust B2B2C and rich content to support shoppers’ omnichannel experience and is uniquely positioned to redefine what best in class digital product content is and deliver it at scale.

    Drive product discovery
    Increase shopper engagement
    Win shoppers and drive sales

    7 principles in achieving best in class visual content

    Why NIQ Brandbank?
    Why NIQ Brandbank?


    Activate your shopper needs from one source

    Easily syndicate digital product content from over 53,000 global brands across more than 700 global retailers, wholesalers, and application providers to access the largest number of shoppers.


    Achieve cost effective coverage and scale

    Easily improve the shopper experience with minimal investment and time by enabling brands to easily and affordably share the digital product content required to sell online, resulting in improved product content coverage, increased traffic, and conversion rates.


    Exceed shoppers product information demands

    Stand out on the digital shelf and amplify the shopper experience by transforming product pages and leveraging enhanced product content online to create a full, dynamic view of the product resulting in increased sales and satisfaction.


    As Head of Digital Content, it is a huge advantage to be able to count on an external service provider who has the same goals as us in terms of product content. The Sales team, as well as our Key Account Manager at NIQ Brandbank continually help us to improve the quantity and quality of available content.

    Olivier Mangez
    Digital Data Content Manager
    Carrefour Belgium

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