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Quick Predict

Reliable, fast, and agile concept testing.

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Speed without compromise

Test innovation at the speed you need without sacrificing the reliability or quality you expect.

Predict in-market potential
Guided by expertise
Speed to insight

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Quick, dependable answers

To innovate with confidence, you need solid research and you need it fast. BASES Quick Predict gives you fast, in-depth answers built on methodologies you can trust.

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[TK — NEED IMAGE THIS IS PLACEHOLDER FOR THIS TEXT] Successful restages are more likely to have utilized upfront research before redesigning 41% of shoppers will continue to purchase a product because of its design.

Key features
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Validated models

Predictive analytics drawing upon the experience of testing more than 300,000 new product concepts.


Expert guidance

BASES experts are ready to help you every step of the way with more than 40 years of experience.


Agile studio platform

Innovation Studio automates data collection and analysis without sacrificing quality, allowing you to sort, view, and collaborate on your results.

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