The Omnishopper data revolution: Changing the way brands and retailers see consumers

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The Omnishopper data revolution: Changing the way brands and retailers see consumers

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  • The world of Omnishopper marketing and merchandising has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few years.
  • What defines success here? It’s about how brands and retailers leverage omnichannel data to enhance the customer experience. This article explores how Omnichannel Intelligence Data and solutions can revolutionize marketing and merchandising.

  • A major technology retailer partnered with NIQ to refine their audience targeting strategy. NIQ aimed to help their client identify precise customer personas, allowing them to capitalize on market opportunities and engage effectively with potential buyers. Through the integration of Spectra and TDLinx data, Client A achieved a deeper insight into their target audience.

Omnichannel Intelligence: The data basics

The digital age ushered in an era of data abundance, particularly with information on the Omnichannel consumer. Brands and retailers now have access to an unprecedented amount of information about their customers, including their preferences, behaviors, and purchase histories.

This wealth of data has paved the way for data-driven decision-making, allowing marketers and merchandisers to gain valuable insights into their target audiences. By analyzing this data, they can make informed decisions that go beyond traditional, one-size-fits-all strategies.

Data supports the need to reinvent the way companies go to market

Retailers have embraced customization as a means of enhancing the customer experience. Brands now offer customization options for products ranging from clothing to technology gadgets. They can also unlock geographical opportunities and prioritize shopper demands.

Customers can personalize their purchases, selecting colors, sizes, and features that meet their unique preferences. This level of customization was almost unimaginable in the pre-digital era and has become a hallmark of modern retail. Marketers can get as granular as understanding the location that their product will perform the best based on Omnichannel Intelligence Insights. One component within Omnichannel Intelligence Data includes NIQ’s Spectra, which provides clients with access to over 100,000+ survey results and 36,000 unique profiles.

Case study

Learn how Client A leveraged Omnichannel Intelligence Data to identify their ideal customer and execute geotargeting strategies

Both retailers and brands understand the value that Omnichannel Intelligence Data and technology bring to business strategies. According to a recently released survey from NIQ and Forrester, 99% of leaders plan to invest in Omnichannel Intelligence. Importantly, 61% of companies with omnichannel solutions have already seen more consistent consumer service and consumer experience, 47% have increased their ability to create long term data-driven strategies and 36% have improved customer loyalty.

More than half (56%) of respondents to the NIQ-Forrester survey from companies with an Omnichannel Intelligence platform in place said their organization is effective at tracking behavior to understand the full consumer experience compared to only 33% from companies without a platform.

Financial Investment Insights

New marketing decision solutions

Algorithms have revolutionized and refined marketing tactics for CPG brands and retailers.

When it comes to pricing strategies, brands and retailers can implement dynamic pricing structures based on real-time data. Prices can be adjusted to reflect supply and demand, competitor pricing, and individual customer behavior, enabling businesses to optimize revenue and improve profit margins.

Brands have moved away from mass advertising to precision targeting. Algorithms analyze customer data to identify the most relevant audiences for a particular product or service. This ensures that advertising budgets are used more efficiently, and customers are exposed to messages that resonate with their interests and needs.

Today’s consumers demand a seamless journey across all touchpoints, be it in-store or online. Brands and retailers are leveraging algorithms to maintain consistency and integration throughout these interactions. By harnessing data-driven insights, they can strategically tailor their approach to effectively engage customers across different channels. This concerted effort results in a unified and personalized experience, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.

Algorithms are employed in inventory management to optimize stock levels, reduce overstock, and ensure that products are available when and where customers want them. This results in a more efficient supply chain and a reduction in costs.

AI also plays a vital role in the evolution of marketing and merchandising. AI integration in retail data analytics offers clear benefits: heightened productivity, increased profit and market share, actionable insights, and rapid innovation. AI empowers users to achieve insights swiftly. NIQ uses AI to deliver real-time information in the store and online so that shoppers can get what they want, when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it.   

The new rules

Brands and retailers have always needed to put the customer at the center of their thinking and operational models. Now, with the advent of real-time insights from multiple purchasing data streams, executing on those insights will separate the winners from the crowd. 

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, where consumers have countless choices at their fingertips, understanding and connecting with shoppers has become more crucial than ever. Fortunately, the digital age has ushered in a wealth of data and technology solutions that empower retailers and brands to enhance customer engagement. Among these, Omnichannel Intelligence Data stands out as a tool for crucial insights that can be harnessed to create more personalized and effective customer experiences. 

Revolutionize the way you engage customers

By leveraging NIQ’s Omni Suite of tools, businesses can personalize marketing efforts, optimize inventory, enhance customer service, develop targeted products, and make data-driven decisions. In the incredibly competitive retail environment, embracing Omnichannel Intelligence Data is not just a choice; it’s a necessity for those looking to thrive in the digital age.