Let’s talk E-commerce! Episode 1: E-commerce trends around the globe


Let’s talk E-commerce! Episode 1: E-commerce trends around the globe

Welcome to the first episode of “Let’s talk e-commerce!” Join five NIQ e-commerce leaders from around the globe as they talk global e-commerce trends, the latest insights on e-commerce channel performance and online consumers, as well as innovations and trends from different countries.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Global e-commerce trends
  • Innovations and new formats in e-commerce
  • E-commerce development and ceiling in different regions
  • E-commerce growth opportunities for manufacturers and retailers

Watch or listen to the first episode of the NIQ series “Let’s talk e-commerce!” and look out for new releases in the coming weeks!

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Vaughan Ryan

Managing Director, E-commerce, APAC, NielsenIQ

Vaughan leads his team in helping companies understand the consumers’ full shopping journey across both the offline and online environments. He is deeply devoted to making businesses better by understanding what their customers want and desire, not only today but more importantly into the future. He is passionate about understanding both current and future market trends and how this impacts consumer behavior.

Cindy Yang

Vice President, E-commerce, China, NielsenIQ

Cindy joined NIQ in 2010 as an expert in marketing & place strategy. She actively helped our clients to make marketing strategies and expand their business through retail measurement services and path analysis. Cindy’s clients include top global FMCG manufacturers, large transnational corporations, and emerging local companies.

Didem Sekerel Erdogan

Managing Director, Turkey and Analytics Leader AME, NielsenIQ

Didem Sekerel Erdogan is Managing Director for Turkey and Analytics Leader for Africa, Middle East at NIQ, she is responsible for establishing the growth strategy for our Turkey business — centered around solving customer problems and creating substantial value for them through innovative product offerings and modern technology.

Prafull Babar

Director, E-commerce, India, NielsenIQ

Prafull Babar is a seasoned professional with over 16 years of experience in syndicated research. He currently leads the e-commerce business for NIQ India, where he oversees the eTrack (ePOS), e-panel and Digital Shelf Solutions portfolio. Prafull also partners with manufacturers and retailers in the online space to provide insights into online measurement and consumer behavior, helping them to get a larger picture of the online marketplace.

Roberto van Taunay

Commercial Leader, E-Commerce, WE, NielsenIQ

Roberto joined NIQ in 2006 and has been working with leading global, large local and emerging CPG and retailer companies on a local and international scale, to help them identify areas of growth and risk, and develop relevant strategies for their business. Before his current role, Roberto was responsible for Product Leadership for Western Europe Zone, and prior to that led our Benelux organization.

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